Looking For No Credit Home Buying Financing? What Information You Should Be Prepared To Show

If your dream is to buy a home, having great credit is typically something you should work toward. However, while most lenders will look at your credit as one of the main factors in approving or denying your loan, some lenders offer no credit financing. If you don't have credit or have poor credit, this may be your best option for getting into a home. However, while you don't have to show your credit report, there are still strict lending requirements.

Choosing A Real Estate Agent: Personality Is Important

When choosing a real estate agent to help you sell your home, there is quite a number of things to consider: experience, knowledge of the industry and locale, contacts and network and reputation. Add to that list, personality. It is difficult to expect a reserved real estate agent to exude exuberance when showing a house. The very things that would have convinced you to buy the house may be understated by the realtor, causing you overlook a potentially lucrative investment.

3 Tips For Keeping HOA Residents Happy

As a board member of a homeowners association (HOA), you have several responsibilities. One of those is to ensure that the residents are satisfied with the services they receive from you. If not, residents might hesitate to meet their financial obligations to the HOA and even consider moving. To help avoid this, here are some tips for managing the HOA while keeping residents satisfied. Establish Clear Roles for Each Member

The Problems You May Face With Unqualified Buyers When Selling A House By Owner

If you want to avoid paying a real estate commission when selling your house, you could do so if you can find a buyer yourself. To do this, you could list your home for sale by owner. While this can help you save money on the commission, you will face a lot of challenges that you would not have if you hired a real estate agent for help. One challenge you may face is dealing with unqualified buyers.

Purchasing A New Home? What Should You Know About Potential Air Conditioner Problems?

If you're about to put an offer in on your next home, you may be excited at the prospect of finishing the inspection, appraisal, offer process, and finally closing on your new home. However, few things can dampen the new homeowner glow like unexpected problems with your air conditioning unit, and shelling out a few thousand dollars for repair or replacement while you're already juggling closing costs, moving costs, and other expenses can be quite a blow.