Looking For No Credit Home Buying Financing? What Information You Should Be Prepared To Show

If your dream is to buy a home, having great credit is typically something you should work toward. However, while most lenders will look at your credit as one of the main factors in approving or denying your loan, some lenders offer no credit financing. If you don't have credit or have poor credit, this may be your best option for getting into a home. However, while you don't have to show your credit report, there are still strict lending requirements. Here are a few of the pieces of information you should be prepared to show when you are looking to buy homes with no credit check

Proof of Rental Payments

When you are looking to buy a home with no credit check, the lending institution will likely ask you for proof that you have paid your current rent on time for the past 12 to 24 months. If your payments are late or inconsistent, a lending agency may be weary about working with you. If you are working toward a no credit check home loan, make sure you pay your rent early or on time each month and keep proof of the payment. 

Pay Stubs or Tax Returns

Another important element that a lender will look at when they are offering no credit financing is how much you make. They need to know how much money you make weekly or monthly so they ensure you can afford the mortgage. As such, they will ask you for proof of your pay stubs, tax returns or both. In most cases, lenders want to see steady and consistent income for at least one to two years. If your income bounces around, they will likely use the lowest amount you have made in the past few years to determine how much home you can afford. 

Bank Account Statements

Lastly, when you are looking to buy a home with no credit financing, you may be asked to hand over six to 12 months of bank statements. The lender wants to see where your income is coming from and how you spend your money. If your account is frequently overdrawn, that can be a red flag to the lender. Try to ensure that you always have a reasonable savings cushion in your account so you can show the lender that you are prepared in the event of an unexpected home expense or job loss. 

While they may be harder to find, no credit home financing is available. If this is something you are considering, be prepared to show proof of rental payments, your pay stubs or tax returns and bank account information to the company who is looking to finance you.