5 Things You Need To Know About Green Lynx Spiders

There are about 3,400 different types of spiders in North America, so unless you're an entomologist, you probably won't be able to identify every spider you come across in your backyard. One lesser-known spider that you may encounter is the green lynx spider. Here are five things you need to know about them. How do you identify them? Green lynx spiders are quite distinctive looking and are easy to identify if you know what you're looking for.

How to Prep Your RV Before Putting it in Long-term Storage

If you own a recreational vehicle, chances are that it spends just as much time sitting around as it does being used. Keeping your vehicle in RV storage allows you to free up some space on your property and keep the vehicle in good condition between uses, but you'll want to prepare the rig a little before it's stored. Here are some easy protection techniques to consider using: Empty the Tanks

4 Advantages Of New Construction Homes

Many people who are in the market for a new home consider resale homes to be the default choice. However, there are several reasons to buy new construction over existing homes. Here are four of the greatest benefits of new construction homes to consider when you are looking to buy a new house. Energy Efficiency If you are living in an older home, you may have re-caulked windows and doors, added insulation, or even replaced major appliances such as the furnace or hot water heater in an attempt to improve the efficiency of your home.

How Can A Reverse Mortgage Improve Your Retirement Plans?

If you're beginning to contemplate the nuts and bolts of your own retirement, you may be evaluating different strategies for stretching your wealth. One strategy you may not have considered is your ability to take out a reverse mortgage on your real estate in "your own backyard" better known as you home. Although you may associate reverse mortgages with elderly homeowners who have spent down their last dime, a reverse mortgage can be a valuable addition to the pre-tax wealth of any recent retiree -- particularly those who are planning to downsize in a few years.

4 Traits Millennials Should Look For In A Real Estate Agent

With many millennials getting married, starting families, and buying homes later than previous generations, real estate agents are trying to better understand how to entice young, first time buyers into making a purchase. This means that millennials have quite a bit of power when it comes to buying their first home. Instead of relying solely on the various real estate apps that are becoming popular with young buyers, you should consider the benefits of finding a real estate agent that knows how to work with you.