Insight To Help You Plan Out Your Pool Home Purchase

Homeownership brings many benefits along with your own yard, private space, and personalized interior. A home with a pool provides your property an extra quality for your outdoor pleasure; however, you need to consider some variables. Here are some considerations to help you in the search for a home with an outdoor in-ground pool.

Calculate Maintenance

When you own a home with a pool, you want the water to be clean and clear so you can enjoy swimming in its cool water all summer long. So an important element with owning a pool is its maintenance needs. A pool is going to need regular cleaning during the swimming season and will need to be covered or winterized during the off-season. You can hire a pool professional to help you with these tasks, or you can handle all or a majority of the work yourself. Look at a pool care training class to learn how to take care of your pool and manage the water pH checks and adding new chemicals, when necessary. 

Some pool supply companies will help you out with checking and regulating the pool water with free pool water testing and recommendations for what chemicals you need to add. For example, if you buy the home in the winter and by the time spring arrives it has turned green, they can help you diagnose the algae problem and provide you the right pool shock, chlorine, and clarifier to add to the water to get it from green to blue. Then, they can also educate you on how to clean and inspect the pool filter to keep your pool water clean, especially to remove all the dead algae after you have managed the algae bloom from spring. 

Check Insurance and Security

As a potential homeowner of a pool home, besides all the enjoyment you will have with pool ownership and the responsibility with upkeep, you will need to check out the insurance side of the prospect. Contact your homeowners' insurance agent to find out details about coverage with a pool home and what it means for you as the homeowner. Will you need to have additional insurance coverage to protect you against the liability that comes with a pool on your property? 

Check out the condition of the pool's security fence and if it is intact and includes a locking gate. Are there any gaps or openings in or around the fence? It can be helpful to have this type of perimeter around the exterior of your pool and your yard to keep out unwanted intruders who may try to take a swim. If the pool home does not have a backyard security fence or a fence around the pool, look at installing one to lower your insurance premium. Your insurance agent can recommend a good pool fence company.

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