5 Tricks To Maximizing Your Profit In This Real Estate Market

No matter where you live in the country, the real estate market is hot. Houses are selling fast and for top dollar. In fact, Redfin reports that over 64 percent of recent sales ended in a bidding war. When you are a seller, a bidding war can net you tens of thousands of dollars over the asking price. Obviously, this is every seller's dream come true situation. There are a few things you can do to tweak your home before listing it to improve your odds of having multiple offers. 

1. Deep clean

Before you list your home with a real estate agent, give it a deep clean. Wash the windows, steam the carpets, and fix all those little repairs that you have been putting off.  

2. Eliminate odors

When you live in a house, you tend not to notice any smells it may have. Wet dogs, litter boxes, and gerbil cages all give off a distinct odor that potential buyers can smell the minute they walk through the front door, even if you can't. If you can, have a trusted friend or neighbor care for your pets while your home is on the market. 

Furthermore, be cautious of what you cook when your house is listed. This is not the time to cook pounds of bacon or fish as the scent tends to linger and may be off-putting for buyers.

3. Remove wallpaper

Buyers do not like wallpaper. They have all heard horror stories about wallpaper removal and do not want to go down that road. If you take it down before listing, however, you have eliminated that objection to your home. 

4. Pack up the clutter

While your antique lighter collection may be your pride and joy, it does not allow potential buyers to see the beauty of your fireplace mantle. Removing all your personal photos, decor items, and excess furniture will allow buyers to see the size of the room and picture their own belongings in the space. While it may seem unnatural to have an underfurnished, undecorated room, it makes the room seem larger.  

5. Organize closets

Closets also seem bigger with less stuff in them. In fact, you should remove everything except the coats you are using this season. Pack everything else away. If your closets are only half full and meticulously organized, buyers will get excited about all the extra closet space that your home (seemingly) has. 

Simple things like having a wallpaper-free and clutter-free home with huge closets will motivate buyers and get your house sold for top dollar. 

For more information, contact a real estate service.