What A Full-Service Real Estate Agent Can Do For You When You Are Selling Your Home

If you are going to be selling your home, then you want to make the best decisions along the way that will help you to sell it fast and for as close to the price you are asking for it as possible. One of the best decisions that you can make is to go with a full-service real estate agent. If you have very little knowledge about real estate, you might not know what this is. Here is some information on what a full-service real estate agent is, as well as reasons why they can help you sell your home. 

They tend to every aspect of selling the home from start to finish

When you work with a full-service real estate agent they will take care of adding your home to the MLS list, which the other agents will generally check first when looking for homes that are for sale for their buyers. They will also tend to all of the things that need to be done throughout the selling process and these things include: 

Running comps and determining a good asking price

The real estate agent will run comps to determine how much the comparable homes to yours in the same general area are selling for. They will use this information as well as information about your own home to determine the amount you can list your home for. While the final say will be up to you regarding how much you list your home for, you should seriously consider following their advice because they know how the real estate market works. 

Holding an open house

Many full-service real estate agents will stage your home, and this involves decorating and furnishing your home in a way that makes it attractive to buyers. Then, they will hold an open house where other agents and possible buyers can come walk through the home and ask them questions about the home. In some cases, the open house leads to offers. 

Taking pictures and video of your home

Your full-service real estate agent will come to your home and take pictures to add to the MLS as well as all of the other advertising materials they will be using to advertise your home. They may also take video of your home that will allow someone to take a virtual tour of your home via a website they may use to advertise their listings. 

Advertises your home

The agent will use many forms of advertising to get your home seen. This can include a yard sign with fliers that have information on your home as well as their contact information, detailed information on their website including the photos and video mentioned above, ads in the local newspaper, ads in local real estate magazines, and more. 

Sell your home

The agent will bring you offers that come in on your home and help you with the negotiations, then help you to close the sale of your home once you are able to negotiate a price and terms that you are happy with. 

 Help you buy a home

Also, if you decide to buy a home in that area, then they can also help you to find a home, negotiate the right price and terms, and go through the buying process all while they are also helping you to sell your own home.