Three Reasons Never To Skip The Home Inspection

Whenever you are buying a home, you should plan on having a home inspection done. Your real estate agent will tell you that an inspection is important. There are some really good reasons why you should never skip the home inspection when buying a house.

Some problems are easy to miss if you don't know what you're looking for.

When you are not trained as a builder or home inspector, it is easy to overlook issues — or assume that an issue you see isn't a big deal when it really is. For example, a little rust might come out when you turn the water on, and you might figure it's just because the pipes sat unused for a while. But a home inspector would know this means your pipes are made from old galvanized steel and might be prone to leaks. You don't want any surprises once you move into the home, and a thorough home inspection will help you get to know the home inside and out, in terms of the repairs it might need and features that are still in good condition.

An inspection gives you an "official" record of reasons to make a lower offer.

You want to pay a fair price for the home, and your home inspection could back up your offer. As a prospective buyer, you could approach the seller and offer less because you think the siding looks damaged or you think the carpets need to be replaced. But the seller could simply disagree with you; as a non-expert, your opinion doesn't carry a lot of weight. On the other hand, if you approach the seller and say "I am offering $1,000 less because the home inspector says the house needs a new chimney liner," they will likely take your offer more seriously.

Home inspectors may detect important safety concerns.

Having a home inspection is not just about saving money and making sure you don't overpay. It's also about safety. Many of the problems home inspectors find could cause problems if not noticed. Lead pipes, compromised roofs, and carbon monoxide leaks are just a few of these issues. You want to ensure you're moving your family into a safe home, and a home inspection helps guarantee that.

Don't skip the home inspection. It's well worth paying a home inspector to ensure the home you want to buy is safe, you're aware of all issues, and you don't over-pay. For more information about home inspectors and the services they offer, contact a local home inspection company.