Want To Live In An Apartment? 3 Things To Prioritize In A One-Bedroom Rental

Living in an apartment is something that you may want to do in the near future. This means that you will need to find a unit that meets your needs. If you want to make sure that you are happy in the one-bedroom apartment that you rent, you must understand the features and qualities that are worth prioritizing during your search. Here are some qualities you may find desirable in an apartment.


When you look at apartments, you will find some units in which the bathroom is attached to the bedroom. This means that any guests who come over may need to go through your bedroom to reach the bathroom, which is something that you may like to prevent from happening. This makes it important to prioritize an apartment bathroom that is not attached to the only bedroom.

By demanding this bathroom setup, you will also feel more comfortable when guests stay overnight as they will be able to go to the bathroom while you are sleeping without a problem.


Since you are going to be living in a one-bedroom apartment, you may want to make sure that your bedroom has everything that you need to be happy. Getting a large closet is ideal as it will give you plenty of space to store personal items so that you do not have to keep them elsewhere.

Along with a sizable closet, you should try to pick an apartment with a large enough bedroom that you can fit all your furniture inside comfortably. If you are determined to fit a king-sized bed, dresser, and reading nook in the room, you can take measurements from within the room. This will require that you check out one-bedroom units in person with a tape measurer on hand.


While it depends on where you are going to live, you will likely find apartments with central air conditioning and others with a window unit in the living room. Although you may be able to keep the main living area cool and comfortable with a window air conditioner, you should consider demanding central air conditioning to keep comfortable on summer days in your bedroom.

If you are getting ready to go shopping around for a one-bedroom apartment, you should consider making these kinds of priorities that can help you move into a place that you love. For more information about one-bedroom apartments for rent in your area, contact a local real estate agent.