Three Ways To Freshen Up A Stale Real Estate Listing

If your home has been sitting on the market for more than a month or two, it might be time to freshen up your listing. With new houses coming on the market every day, you want to be sure that your listing doesn't get lost among the masses. Your Realtor should be keeping an eye on your listing and help you come up with a new marketing strategy if the first doesn't seem to be working. Here are three ways you can refresh your listing and get more potential buyers to view it:

Price Change

If your listing has been on the market longer than you wish, it is time for a price change. Even if it is only a few thousand dollars difference, the price change will alert new buyers of your willingness to sell. It can even show up as a new alert on most home search platforms. Ask your realtor for the current calculation of the average number of days a home is on the market. If your home has been there for that amount of time, you should take a step back and consider why it hasn't sold. Price is a huge factor for most home buyers. Most people start shopping within certain price brackets. If you can lessen your sale price to qualify for another bracket, you might bring a whole new pool of people to your listing.


Don't underestimate the power of the photos you are using in your listing. Most Realtors will hire professional photographers to make their listings look first class. If you are using photos taken on your phone, you might want to consider hiring a professional. Lighting can make people feel like your house is bright and open, or if done wrong, it can send all the wrong signals. A potential buyer will usually get their very first impression of your home from the photos they see on the online listing. Make sure it is a good first impression.


If your home is cluttered when people walk through it, they will have a hard time imagining their own stuff in the space. You want every potential buyer to walk through and be able to picture making your home their home. Consider taking your family photos off the wall and replacing them with other art that makes the space transitional to buyers. A good decluttering will allow for better photos and increase your chances of a great first impression.

Ask your Realtor for their help refreshing your listing. A good real estate professional will have another marketing strategy up their sleeve to help you get the house sold. With a little work, anyone can try these three things to attract more buyers.