What Should You Look For In A New Homes Community?

A new homes community is an excellent way to get exactly what you want in a home, without having to worry about previous issues. Not only do you get a brand new home, but all the amenities of the community are also brand new. But if you haven't purchased a "new home" before, what are the things you should look for?

How Long is the Home Warranty?

In any home, there are bound to be a few kinks. Maybe one of the lights wasn't connected properly. Perhaps a dishwasher is faulty. Every new home has a warranty for that reason: If anything goes wrong within the first year, two years, or three years, it's fixed for free. The longer the home warranty, the better. Make sure you test everything before that warranty runs out.

Are There Houses You Can Customize?

Some houses are going to be complete. They're going to have floors, tile, the works. Other houses may be in "white box" or "gray box" mode: They haven't yet been built out. If you buy one of these houses, you get to put your own floor and paint in. That's a great way to customize your property to exactly what you want.

What Are the By-Laws?

Nearly all new home communities are going to have an HOA, and because the HOA is just now being established, it's the perfect time to get in on the ground floor. Check out the HOA members, find out the by-laws, and make sure they're things that you can accept. 

How Many Units Are Currently Filled?

This is a preference. But if the units are currently 10% filled, you may be living in a ghost town for a while. And that could be extremely pleasant. If the units are 90% filled, you know that the property is extremely desirable and that you should get in as soon as possible.

Are the Units Next to Yours Filled?

Neighbors matter. If you're purchasing a home in a new homes community, you may want to get to know your neighbors in advance. It's a big risk to purchase a house that has two unfilled homes next to it because you know two brand new neighbors will be moving in shortly.

As always, your real estate agent can advise you regarding the best communities for you. New homes have a lot of advantages, but there are also things you need to look out for — and having a knowledgeable professional can help.