Signs You Are Buying a House In a Good Neighborhood

Buying a home in an unfamiliar area always requires some research, followed by a well-thought-out leap of faith. However, there are also things you can look for when you are out with your realtor that are indicators of a good neighborhood to live in. Some of the top signs of an area with a low crime rate and high quality of life include each of the following: 

Great Schools: If you find a home in an area known for having excellent schools, then you are nearly guaranteed to be buying in an area where parents make their children's educations a top priority. This tends to ensure property values hold their value over time.

No Potholes: Residents in nice neighborhoods insist their cities keep their streets in good repair, just like their own houses. While a few potholes in a street isn't necessarily a sign of a bad area, roads that are well maintained and pothole-free are a tell-tale sign of a nice area.

Well-Maintained Parks or Open Spaces: Areas with enough money in their budgets to keep up on the maintenance of their open spaces and parks tend to have lower crime rates. Alternatively, areas with high crime rates tend to spend a lot of their government budgets simply trying to keep residents safe.

Bike Lanes with Bike Riders: In areas where people feel safe, they tend to ride their bikes to work or for recreation. Areas with lots of bike riders tend to have bike lanes to accommodate them. If you are out shopping for a home on a weekend and see families out riding bikes in designated bike lanes, then you are likely in a nice neighborhood.

Local Hospitals: Not only do hospitals make an area safer for residents because they provide fast access to medical care in emergency situations, but they also employ a lot of people, many of who want to live close to where they work. This large group of well-paid professionals often adds to a neighborhood's safety and enjoyment factors.

An Active Arts or Foodie Scene: Especially in parts of the country where the cost of living is higher, an active foodie or arts scene is often an integral part of living in a nice area. Residents in these areas tend to have higher incomes than the national average and look for ways to spend time near their homes. Art venues and specialty restaurants give these upwardly-mobile professionals places to both recreate and to do some business.

So, keep these tips in mind when you're out with you realtor checking out houses for sale and you're sure to wind up loving your new neighborhood.