Buying One Side Of A Duplex? 3 Things To Check Before Signing A Lease

When you begin searching for a home, it's likely that you'll come across many different homes that vary in both size and the features inside. If your search has led you to a duplex home, you may be curious about what sets it apart from a typical house and what you should be aware of.

Since you'll be sharing a side of the house with someone else, it's important that you don't rush into the decision and that you understand what's involved in living in a duplex.

Consider the Noise Level

One of the defining factors of living in a duplex rather than a standalone house is that you'll be sharing walls where noise can travel through. Since construction quality can vary so much between different houses, you'll need to consider what kind of construction was used and whether the walls are thick enough to block sound.

With enough sound blocking, you'll likely feel much more comfortable living in a duplex where you'll be sharing a wall.

Check the Freedom for Remodeling

Another thing to consider when buying a duplex rather than a house is that you may be limited in freedom for remodeling. Since you're sharing sides with another house, there's the chance that the house can't be remodeled on the exterior without coming to an agreement with your neighbor.

Checking if this is the case, along with whether you can update the home much through remodeling, can help you feel much more at ease with the work needed and help prevent buying a home where remodeling is going to be difficult, or even impossible.

Keep the Home Value in Mind

Owning a duplex can be tempting due to the lower price tag it could have compared to other homes in the area. The problem with this is that you can often end up with a house that could be difficult to sell due to it being less appealing to buyers. Checking what kind of prices duplexes go for compared to homes of similar sizes in the same neighborhood can help you feel much more at ease with the house that you choose.

As you get ready to buy a duplex of your own, it's essential for you to look into how they can differ from a house and what you can expect regarding owning one. Finding a realtor that can help you find duplexes for sale can help ease some worries as well due to their experience with these kinds of homes. Contact a real estate company or agent near you to get started.