Selling A House In The Winter? 4 Ways To Make It Work For You

When planning to sell your home, most homeowners think about listing in spring and summer. And while these are great selling times for very good reasons, there can be ways to get the job done even in the fall and winter months. 

If you're looking to sell this winter, here are 4 tips to get the best price:

Take Advantage of Low Inventory. There tend to be fewer houses on the market during the off season, and this can be to your advantage. With less competition, you and your realtor can really make your home stand out of the crowd. What standout features does it possess and how can you highlight those in your online listing? What makes it special in its price range? What location amenities are in the neighborhood that you can use as selling points no matter what the weather?

Showcase All Seasons. Many homes don't look their best during the colder months, which is a primary reason owners wait until spring. But, you can highlight the way your home looks in its better times by using photos from different times both in your online listings and in printed flyers you give out. Feel free to print out some key pictures and place them in a portfolio or stand-up display within the home itself for buyers to peruse as they visit the house.

Make it Cozy. Of course, you can make your house look awesome in the winter by playing up its cold weather strengths. This is the time to light the fireplace, break out the fluffy throw blankets, and make the house smell like Christmas. Outside, install a cozy fire pit and create a warm lounge area or roll out a mini bar on the patio. Encouraging potential buyers to see the house and yard as a comfortable place to hang out all throughout the year will help them visualize themselves in it.

Brighten It Up. When the sun comes up late and sets early, more buyers are looking at homes in the dark. However, since most houses look better when well lit, it's important to make up for the lack of lighting. Turn on just about every light in the house and most exterior lights. It might even behoove you to purchase a few extra lamps to keep things bright and airy. Outside, you could make use of the darker times by creating an interesting and attractive lighting display along walkways, around outdoor patios, and in garden beds.

Selling your house in the off-season requires attention to a few details that cater to the properties of the season. But, by trying some winter-specific ideas like these, you can help sell the property quickly and for a great price. Contact a realtor for more information.