3 Tips for Narrowing Down Your Search When Sifting Through Apartment Listings

If you are searching for a new apartment, you may feel overwhelmed at the many listings and feel uncertain as to how to narrow down your search. If so, use the following tips for sifting through the apartment listings to find a few potential units that you would like to see.

Consider the Area 

As you look through the apartment listings, mark any that have a description which sounds appealing to you. Then, look closely at the address for each one to see where they are located. If the address is not included in the listing, call to find out this information.

Once you know where the apartment is located, you can determine whether the location is convenient for you. Pull up map application to see how far it is from your work, as well as see what stores and restaurants are nearby.

You may also want to find out about the neighborhood surrounding the area. Call the local police department to see if the area has a high rate of crime, or ask people who already live nearby for their opinions and observations.

Ask about Any Amenities

Either while you have the apartment manager on the phone or after you have conducted your location search, ask about any amenities to see if the complex is a good fit for you. You can ask about features within the apartment, as well as community amenities that are offered.

For example, see if the units have a washer and dryer. If not, inquire about laundry facilities onsite. Also, if you are a fitness nut, you can see if they have either a swimming pool or fitness room available for the residents.

Drive around a Complex before Requesting a Tour

After narrowing down your choices to a few selections, drive around each one before you request a tour. You may want to do this twice, including a drive-by during the day and at night.

During your daytime drive-by, you can see the overall condition of the apartment complex. If the grounds are manicured and the buildings appear as though they are kept up, the facility is most likely well maintained.

If a complex passes the daytime inspection, drive around at night to get a feel for the general atmosphere. You can find out if the area is either fairly quiet or has a rough crowd hanging around that could mean potential problems.

Using the above tips can help narrow down your search for an apartment that fits your needs. For more guidance, contact a real estate agent with whom you can go through their apartment listings and help you find potential complexes that meet your requirements when trying to find a home.