Things You Might Not Have Known About Beach Real Estate

Beachfront properties are indeed desirable. Having the sun, the sand, and the ocean waves all so close is indeed a dream come true for many. However, it is not all that glamorous. There is a lot more that comes with beach front real estate than meets the eye, and you really must consider all sides before you make a final decision:

Locational Hazards

What no one ever mentions are the hills of sandbags that sit close to the high tide line, the possible flooding during a storm or during exceptionally high tides, and the fact that the shores are eating away the land. There is a lot that comes with a home that is just a few steps from the ocean. So, you must be prepared to deal with these challenges.  

It's a Popular Area

Despite the fact that the property will be private, the beach itself will be public, which means that there will constantly be a lot of people around. People could be camping, essentially, in your front yard. Holidays especially mean a lot of people coming to the beach, so make sure you're truly enthusiastic about being so close to the action.

You Will Probably Need Permits

There is more water in the oceans, which means higher waves. Sandy beaches are becoming the ocean floor pretty fast. This means that if you will need to make any changes to the property, you will need to get permits beforehand. Your construction might threaten to block the ocean view from the rest of the people or it might not fit the right aesthetic for the beach, but these are challenges that you will work around with your construction team.

There's Unique Maintenance

Most people do not consider the fact that salty water and humidity will take a toll on the home siding, framing and piping materials. Wood frame homes need to treated for moisture resistance to avoid structural damages. Glass and stainless steel have also been used extensively in beachfront homes. However, glass may chip or break regularly because of the high winds. Steel must also be buffed to prevent leakages.

These are some of the things you should consider before buying a beach home; they give you a balanced perspective on what it means to own beach property. Of course, there are also countless positives, and most people find that it's still worth it to own beach houses. 

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