Things To Do To Your Walk-In Closet Before Listing Your Home For Sale

If you have a walk-in closet off your master bedroom, this is a space that can be highly desirable when you list your home for sale. Many buyers are interested in master bedrooms with walk-in closets, which means that prospective buyers will be carefully scrutinizing your space — both in the images included with your online listing and when they arrive for an open house or a showing. You want to do all that you can in advance of listing your home for sale to make the master bedroom as enticing as possible. Here are some valuable things that you can do.

Remove Unnecessary Storage

Where a walk-in closet is concerned, it's the available space that catches buyers' eyes. While you might have customized your closet to make it as efficient as possible for your usage, you should be wary of having too many storage solutions in the space. When this is the case, the closet can appear cluttered, and this may make buyers think that the space isn't as large as they'd like it to be. While you don't want to tear down the main shelving units, additional racks or shelves that you've hung might be best to remove.

Patch And Paint The Walls

Over time, your walk-in closet's walls can get dinged up. For example, if you keep your suitcases on a bottom shelf, you may have scraped them against the wall when removing them. While you might be able to live with these marks, they're an eyesore when a prospective buyer is carefully evaluating your house for sale. It's worthwhile to get some drywall compound and fill any scratches or holes in the walls, and then give the closet a fresh coat of paint. Keep in mind that fresh paint, especially if it's a light color, can make a space appear larger.

Get Rid Of Surplus Clothing

Many peoples' walk-in closets are absolutely brimming with clothing. This can make them valuable for storage, but can limit prospective buyers' ability to assess the space. Additionally, if the clothing is stored in a cluttered and disorganized fashion, people may be turned off. For the sake of your listing photos, open houses, and showings, it's worthwhile to remove surplus clothing from the walk-in closet and find another place to store it. Doing so will allow the space to feel calmer and better organized, which can be attractive to people evaluating it. Visit to learn more.