What Your Options Are If Your Roommate Breaks The Lease

If you are preparing to rent an apartment with one or more people, you will need to create a good roommate agreement. This is something that is separate from the lease, but it can help each of you protect yourselves if one of the roommates decides to break the lease. This is something that you hopefully will not have to deal with when you rent an apartment, but it's good to know what your options are if it ends up happening. Here are several different things you should know about this so you can be prepared if it happens.

The other roommates will ultimately be responsible for the lease agreement

A landlord will allow multiple people to sign a lease agreement, but ultimately every roommate is obligated to pay the full amount of the rental agreement. The landlord will want the rental payment in full each and every month no matter who is living there. Because of this, all the roommates still living there will need to pay the full amount of rent if they want to stay living there. If a roommate moves out and will not continue paying, this may mean that you will each need to pay more each month.

You might be allowed to sublet the apartment to make up for the loss of roommate

Subletting an apartment is something that you must get approved by your landlord before you do it. It allows you to replace a tenant with a new one if one moves out. If your landlord allows this, you should look for a new roommate immediately. If you can find one, the new roommate can simply take over the expenses that the roommate who moved out was paying. This is the best way to avoid problems, but it is not always an option, and it is not always easy to find a new roommate quickly.

You could seek compensation from the roommate if you have a good roommate agreement

You should also know that if you and your roommates are forced to pay extra to compensate for the expenses of the roommate that moved out, you could sue this person for the extra costs. You would have to do this through your local court, and you will need to have proof of the contract the roommate had signed and agreed to when he or she moved into the apartment with you.

If you are going to rent an apartment with roommates, you must have a roommate agreement. You should also be very selective when choosing roommates. If you want to rent an apartment yourself or with roommates, call a property management firm, such as Meadowdale Apartments, in your city today.