3 Tips For Nurturing A Positive Relationship With Your Tenants

A property management company can do a variety of things to help make your life easier. Property managers can help you find a lot of highly qualified, potential tenants. They can also screen potential tenants, choose ideal ones, and arrange for their move-in paperwork. If things go wrong, the property manager can even help with eviction process. Help support the property management and nurture positive relationships with your tenants from the start by following these tips.

Tip #1: Be Open with Your Communication from the Start

Tenants want to know what they need to do to make landlords happy. If a tenant has decided that they want to live on your property, there is something that they value about making their home in your building. Therefore, they will likely be eager to understand what's expected of them. Be very clear in your communication about any rules that you have and let the tenant know if there are any additional fees they need to pay in addition to rent.

Tip #2: Set Clear Boundaries on Your Time and Generosity

Although you may want to reach out and become friendly with new tenants, you need to be aware that getting personally involved on a friendship level can complicate the business relationship. That can be difficult for both you and your tenant. Instead, try to set clear boundaries while always regarding the tenant with respect and friendliness. You can let your property manager, such as Shook & Tarlton Rentals, know that you want them to do the same.

Tip #3: Offer Opportunities with Consequences

You may want to offer tenants the opportunity to be forgiven for the first two times that rent is late. If you decide to offer them the chance to pay rent late without charging a late payment, you need to clearly communicate that this may not always be acceptable. You may decide that offering the opportunity to pay rent late is not acceptable. Whatever the case may be, present clear consequences and stick to them when renting your property.

Finally, keep in mind that you can set the tone for a positive relationship with your tenant. It's important to be both considerate while clearly establishing what is required of the tenant from the start. When you show respect for yourself and your tenant, you can nurture a positive relationship with them, and your property manager can help you extend the attitude and intentions with how the tenant is treated and regarded.