Safe Neighborhoods With Single Family Homes In The Bronx

When it comes to looking for a house in New York City, many people will rightfully be concerned about safety. This is especially true if the reason you are moving to a house from an apartment is that you want to start a family. You don't want your young children to be raised in an unsafe environment. Unfortunately, there are many neighborhoods where it's just too dangerous to move to. Other neighborhoods are predominantly apartment buildings. However, there are also quite a few safe neighborhoods to consider. Here are a couple to look at. They will all be outside of Manhattan, which is mostly apartment buildings (excluding the super expensive townhomes). For the sake of this article, the focus will be on neighborhoods in The Bronx.


Woodlawn is located in The Bronx. It's right next to Van Cortlandt Park, so you will have lots of green space. The area is unique in that there are not many high rise buildings; instead it is mainly comprised of small apartment buildings and many single family homes. Traditionally, it is a very Irish neighborhood, so there are lots of Irish bars, grocery stores, and restaurants. It's also very close to Yonkers, which is one of the biggest cities in Westchester. The neighborhood is safe primary because of its geography. On one side it is bordered by the huge park, and on the other the Bronx River Parkway passes by, which separates Woodlawn from the Wakefield area of the Bronx. So it's like an island onto itself. However, it is easily accessible by mass transit or car. You can take a train right in Woodlawn and head down into Manhattan, or you can drive down the Major Deegan into the East Side of Manhattan.


Also located in The Bronx, Riverdale is more of an upscale neighborhood, and is perfect for people looking for large single family homes with lots of space. The neighborhood is located overlooking the Hudson river. It's the westernmost neighborhood in The Bronx. It's also slightly elevated from neighboring areas such as Marble Hill and Kingsbridge. The area is home to super affluent people (there are areas with huge mansions) but there are also many single family homes and condo developments. You should look at the single family homes north of 252 street and Broadway, heading up towards Riverdale Avenue. This area is not as super exclusive as some of the areas (Fieldston, being a prime example) but you can still get a nice house with a yard in a safe area.

Riverdale also borders Van Cortlandt (the western end of the park). There is a huge jogging area, as well as horseback riding trails, plus a giant public swimming pool. It is great for families with young children who are looking for a nice home in a safe neighborhood.