Getting Your Real Estate Listing Right

Your real estate listing is often the first thing that your buyers will see of your property. It could potentially pique their interest and make them excited to visit, or it could scare away buyers that would have had real interest in your home. That's why it's so important to get the real estate listing right. Here are some tips on how to do that.


Photos are one of the key selling points of your listing. Don't settle for less than professionally crafted photos to display the key aspects of your home.

The timing matters. Set up your photos after you have already staged the house. Make sure that they are taken at a time of day when there is plenty of natural lighting.

Edit photos so that they are attractive, but don't be misleading. A common mistake is completely omitting part of the room that is less than attractive. But buyers will see this as soon as they do a walk through, and it can put them on guard about what else might be wrong with the house.


Wording can take a while to get right because each home will require a different style of writing; after all, different homes appeal to different types of people. Some may appreciate a flowery posting, while others want details and facts.

One of the things your real estate agent will do is have their marketing team do a write-up of your property. They might offer several alternate versions. It can be a great idea to post different types of posts on different platforms. For example, one that's geared towards younger buyers might be shorter and snappier on the writing, but with a lot of added photos. Another post might be more formal in its language.


Once you have the content of your real estate post, it's time to decide where you should post it. Putting up your listing on as many high-quality listing sites as you can will get you the biggest audience. Each site might be a little different in terms of what it requires from posters, so get the help of your real estate team to make the content and format fit for each site.

After you've got your listing posted, keep track of which platforms refer the most buyers to you. Those are the posts to emulate in any additional real estate listings you do.