Tips For Selling A Home With A Horse Stable

When you're selling a home with a horse stable in the back, you're marketing to a very niche group of people. It may take you a lot longer to find a buyer than if you were selling a traditional home on an acre or two. However, there are a few steps you can take to help find a buyer faster and ensure you're marketing your home effectively to the right people.

Work with a realtor who has horse experience.

Ask around among your horse friends and see if anyone knows a realtor who owns horses or is otherwise involved in the equine community. This person will be more familiar with the terminology used to describe horse properties, so the listings they create will be more appealing to horse owners – and the tours they give may be more informative. For instance, a non-horsey realtor may have no idea what a tack room or crossties are, so they might overlook these details, whereas a horse person will know that these are important details to include in the listing.

Advertise your home at local horse shows.

If there's one place you'll find a lot of horse lovers in one place, it's at a horse show! Spend a few Saturdays driving around to local shows in your area. Drop off fliers advertising your home and property. You may even ask the show announcer if they can announce that your home is for sale and ask riders to see you if they're interested or would like more details.

Hang up signs at the feed store.

The feed store is another place where most every horse person in the area is likely to stop from time to time. Print out a few fliers, and ask if you can post them at feed stores in the area. Make sure your contact information (or your realtor's contact information) is listed obviously. You may also want to talk to the person behind the counter and give them a bit more information about your place so that if customers ask them, they can give some basic answers.

Advertise on horse forums.

Your buyer very well may be someone who does not currently live in the area. A horse owner from another locale may be looking to move to your area and may be in need of property with a barn. Post on popular equine forums like Chronicle of the Horse to alert participants that your home is on the market.