4 Advantages Of New Construction Homes

Many people who are in the market for a new home consider resale homes to be the default choice. However, there are several reasons to buy new construction over existing homes. Here are four of the greatest benefits of new construction homes to consider when you are looking to buy a new house.

Energy Efficiency

If you are living in an older home, you may have re-caulked windows and doors, added insulation, or even replaced major appliances such as the furnace or hot water heater in an attempt to improve the efficiency of your home. While these renovations can certainly have a positive impact, it is often impossible or prohibitively expensive to bring homes that are several years old to a level of efficiency that matches new construction homes.

Construction codes are constantly evolving to meet new environmental standards. New construction homes are built top to bottom with energy efficiency first in mind, from new appliances like tankless water heaters and high-efficiency air conditioners to structural advancements like low-emissivity windows and reflective roofing. For many homeowners, the savings they see on their monthly energy bill is more than enough to offset the cost of new construction homes.

Warranties and Maintenance

It happens to every house: the older it gets, the more frequently it needs repairs. If roof repairs, HVAC service calls, and plumbing leaks have become routine in your home, new construction may be the perfect choice for your next house. Buying new construction greatly reduces the chances that a component of the home will suddenly need repair or replacement after you buy.

In rare cases where repairs or replacements are required after buying a new construction home, you will benefit greatly from the fact that all new appliances and materials will have some form of warranty. This saves you from paying out of pocket for major repairs that you were not aware of before you bought your new home.

Modern Safety Features

One of the key areas where old homes are lacking in comparison to new construction homes is electrical wiring. Even if a home's wiring was installed perfectly at the time of construction and suffered from little deterioration, fuses and wiring methods from a decade or more ago are not up to current safety standards. New construction homes will always have the lowest risk of fire from faulty wiring.

New construction homes have many other safety features that will not be found in older homes. New homes can be prewired for security systems, and they are made from the safest types of insulation, paint, and other materials that are available. More subtle safety features that are often overlooked by home buyers include automatic garage doors with collision detection and high-impact windows.

Designed to Your Specifications

For many people, the most compelling reason to buy new construction is the ability to customize their home to their unique specifications. Everything from the floorplan of the home to the finish of cabinets, floors, and countertops can be designed by the buyer if they meet with the builder before construction begins.

For this reason, home buyers who want to plan their dream home out to the finest detail with often see the best results with new construction homes. The more you know about the light fixtures, furniture, and other features that will be in each room, the fewer renovations you will have to make in the future.

New construction homes have something to offer for virtually any home buyer on the market. Consider new construction when buying your next house if you want a home with modern features that expresses your unique style. For more information about new construction homes in your area, work with local realty services.