4 Traits Millennials Should Look For In A Real Estate Agent

With many millennials getting married, starting families, and buying homes later than previous generations, real estate agents are trying to better understand how to entice young, first time buyers into making a purchase. This means that millennials have quite a bit of power when it comes to buying their first home. Instead of relying solely on the various real estate apps that are becoming popular with young buyers, you should consider the benefits of finding a real estate agent that knows how to work with you. 

Although the millennials are rapidly becoming the current generation of home buyers, older generations are currently the ones who are selling their homes, and these generations are used to working with realtors. While it is important you find a realtor, you shouldn't settle for the first one you meet. Instead, make sure your realtor has the following four traits. 

They Work With Technology, Not Against It 

Many real estate agents may seem like they are competing against real estate web sites and apps that are currently being developed. A good real estate agent will realize that these apps compliment their services rather than make their efforts unnecessary. They can help you understand the financial and legal aspects of purchasing a home and save both you and your agent time. 

Your ideal agent should not only be aware of the latest sites and apps that are available, but they should be willing to provide you with some suggestions for which sites and apps will aide you in your search for the perfect home. 

They Have The Ability To Make Your Dream Home Come To Life 

When you look at a home, it can be difficult to imagine it as your own. Your real estate agent should be able to help you make that leap, either with colorful descriptions of your home or, preferably, with the help of interior decorating apps that will let you see what your future home will look like with your own furniture in it. 

Ideally, your agent will be able to connect your with contractors and decorators within your price range to help you make any adjustments to your home once you have completed your purchase. 

They Have Intimate Knowledge Of The Neighborhoods You Are Considering 

You can learn a lot about the neighborhood you are looking by doing an Internet search and reading a few reviews. While that might give you some idea of whether the neighborhood will meet your basic needs, you should look for a realtor who has information that you cannot find online.

Your realtor should be able to tell you whether there are families in the neighborhood, whether other houses are currently on the market, and where the hidden neighborhood gems that haven't made it to the Internet are located. 

When discussing a neighborhood with your potential realtor, it should feel as if you are getting advice from a local who lives on the same street where you are thinking of buying. You might want to research the neighborhood online and come up with a list of questions to ask your realtor about the area that go beyond the basics. 

They Communicate With You On Your Terms 

Many agents may assume millennials prefer electronic communication. However, it doesn't hurt to let your realtor know your exact preferences. Whether you prefer receiving calls, texts, emails, or social media messages, let your potential agent know and see if they are willing to accommodate your request. This not only includes how they contact you, but how often they contact you and how much information you would like them to leave in messages as opposed to direct communication. 

If you find the right real estate agent, they can be critical in finding the perfect home for you. Before you get started with a new agent, though, you should make sure they have these four traits.