3 Newer Types Of Car Keys And The Benefits They Offer

Can you remember the days when cars came with two different keys? One was for the doors and the other was for the ignition. Well, cars no longer come with two different keys, and most do not even come with "regular" car keys anymore. Instead, they come with newer types of keys, which are designed to offer several key benefits to car owners. Among the options you might receive with your new car are transponder keys, laser cut keys, and key fobs.

What Are Transponder Keys?

A transponder key is one that contains a chip inside of it. The chip is usually located under the plastic part of the top of the key. This chip sends an electronic signal, which allows a person to open the car or start the ignition. The purpose of transponder keys is to prevent theft of a vehicle. Without the transponder, a person is not able to start the car, unless the person is an expert car thief.

Another unique trait of transponder keys is that they are all different, which makes it even more difficult to steal a car. Years ago, car manufacturers used only a certain number of different keys. This meant that your car key could potentially start many other cars. With transponder keys, this is no longer an issue because each transponder is unique.

The benefit of owning a car with a transponder key is that your car will probably never get stolen. The downside to transponder keys is that they can be expensive to purchase if you need duplicates. You may have to go to your car dealership to get another one made, and this could cost around $160.

What Are Laser Cut Keys?

A laser cut key is another newer type of key you may receive with your car. To tell if your key is considered a laser cut key, look at the center of it. A laser cut key will have a large notch running up and down in the center of the key, and you will find this notch on both sides of the key.

In some cases, laser cut keys are in the form of switchblade keys. This means that you will receive a small remote for the car, which contains a button. When you press the button, the key pops out.

Laser cut keys are also used for anti-theft purposes. It is very hard to break into a car lock that is designed for a laser cut key, and this helps prevent criminals from stealing cars. If your car has a laser cut key, you can also be certain that it will be unique. It will not work for other vehicles, and other vehicles will not have the exact key as yours.

Many laser cut keys also come equipped with a transponder in them, but this is not always the case. The downside with this type of key is the same as with transponder keys. They can be very expensive to purchase, and it may require going to a dealer to get a replacement key for your vehicle.

Key Fobs

Key fobs are also popular with newer cars today, and you may get one of these with a transponder key or a laser cut key. If you get a switchblade laser cut key, it will automatically contain a key fob. Key fobs are remotes used to lock and unlock car doors. Most of them also contain panic buttons, and some even have trunk buttons. Key fobs are also expensive to purchase and are each unique.

One advantage offered by key fobs is that they allow you to get into your car without using a key. This is not only convenient, but it also reduces the risks of getting scratches by your door locks.

If your car has any of these types of keys, you could go to a dealer to get a replacement, but you will have to pay a lot. If you would like to get a replacement key for a much cheaper price, contact a locksmith that has laser key cutting equipment. He or she will be able to make you a transponder key, a laser cut key, or a key fob for your vehicle for a fraction of the price that a dealer charges.